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"Nikita Seis" - My bassist alterego

Videos from Girls Girls Girls, my first love, and my other OneNightStand bands

Red Hot

Photographic slide show of my time as bassist in Girls Girls Girls.

Same ol' Situation

Girls Girls Girls reunion show at Brooklyn Bowl. Playing bass at six months' pregnant.

Home Sweet Home

Video by Rachel Rampleman for our reunion show. Both Nikita and Patricia appear.

Sweet Cheater - by Body Talk

Video of my first OneNightStandBand, Body Talk, all-girl Ratt tribute.

Look What The Cat Dragged In - by Mama's Fallen Angels

My second OneNightStandBand, an all-girl Poison tribute.

Kickstart My Heart - Girls Girls Girls

Playing the official "The Dirt" afterparty at the Whisky A Go Go in LA for the cast, crew and Motley Crue members.